Invermere Judo Club

Welcome To our Website

The Invermere Judo Club has been in operation since the late 1960's under the direction of the Head Instructor (Sensei), Hermann Mauthner. It is a non-profit club which is run through the volunteer efforts of the coaches, parents and community members. The club is a member of Judo BC and Judo Canada and offers recreational and competitive judo for all ages, skill levels and interests.

New members are welcome to start any time during the fall. Registrations after Christmas may be limited.

Potential members are welcome to try a couple of classes to make sure they wish to join.

Head Coach

Hermann Mauthner - Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt)

Assistant Coaches

Karen Sharp - Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt)

Bob Gadsby - Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)

Mark Digney - Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)

Jeanette Riches - Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)

Tomaz Stich - Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)